Go Down the Memory Lane with these Greatest Animated Movie Characters

The succeeding pinnacle of animation is well in progress, through Miyazaki, Aardman, DreamWorks, and Disney Pixar producing perhaps the respectable stories on an objectively consistent basis. However, which protagonists of the Computer Graphics, stop-motion, or hand-drawn creation truly meet the standards? Which prevailing characters leaped from the smaller format to long feature with their self-worth… Read More »

Seven Deadly Sins Anime: A Must Watch

There is no wonder, we’re living in the most exciting and digitalized era ever where entertainment is expended in a totally dissimilar manner.  Television is not just a TV, with the same old shows nowadays as a child we’ll have exposed to the world of anime. It varies to where you were tuned in; those… Read More »

Top 3 Famous Japanese Anime Series

Nowadays we’re living in the highly digitalized period ever where entertainment is expended in a totally different style. As a youngster we’re open to the world of anime. It differs to where you were tuned in; those days’ weekends use to be fun time. There were multiple anime shows that use to air in that… Read More »

Dragon Ball Super Leaked image, Episode 131 plot

For all Dragon ball fanatics, stay tuned with us as we’re going shed some light on a leaked image of Dragon ball Super episode 128 and regarding the plot of episode 129. Although, it’s a spoiler but then let’s see the enticing details. There are rumors that Vegeta has lost vision in one eye and… Read More »